장인은 도구를 가린다.



  • Send an email from your {firstname}.{lastname} account to Jeehoon (

  • Account (Google Workspace): receive your {firstname}.{lastname} Google Workspace account from Jeehoon. You will use this account for all the web services (except for GitHub).

  • Calendar (Google): Manage your schedule here. If you want to have a meeting, just create a schedule, write down agenda, and directly invite people.

  • Email (Google)

    • Write proper formal emails. Do not heavily markup emails.

    • Check both {firstname}.{lastname} and {firstname}.{lastname} email accounts. FYI, Jeehoon forwards emails from {firstname}.{lastname} to {firstname}.{lastname} and check emails in Gmail.

  • Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet, Slide, Form (Google): Put all project-related files to shared Google Drive.

  • Drive (Nextcloud)

    I recommend you to set up an “external storage” to your home directory. In here, add an SFTP connection with the following configuration:

    • Authentication: username and password

    • Host:

    • Root: /kaist-cp-home/{google-workspace-id}

    • Username: {google-workspace-id}

    • Password: {google-workspace-password}

  • Chat (Zulip)

    • First things first, say hi in this topic.

    • It is our primary method of communication.

  • Git repositories

    • GitLab: browse projects to see what’s interesting.

    • GitHub: we’re at the kaist-cp organization. Display your real name in your public profile (Settings > Profile > Name). We prefer GitLab to GitHub, though.

    • If you want to create a new organization or repository, ask Jeehoon.

    • Configure email notifications for mentions and issue/PR/MR comments.

  • Website

    • Fork the website repository and clone it.

    • Install dependencies and run a local server to test as follows:

      # Make sure Ruby is installed.
      $ bundle exec jekyll serve
    • Add your information (e.g., name, status, GitHub ID) to people.yml.

    • Create a new file {firstname}.{lastname}.md under the directory _people/. See _people/ for reference. Your website is{firstname}.{lastname}.

    • Commit your changes and send a PR.

    • Keep maintaining your website.

  • Development