Janggun Lee (이장건)

Janggun Lee

I am a Master Student at KAIST School of Computing at Concurrency and Parallelism Laboratory.

My interest lies in formal verfication low-level concurrent data structures and systems. I am especially interested in modular and automatic verification of them using separation logic such as Iris.

Currently, I am researching on improving the automation of Diaframe, an automation tool for Iris. I wish to improve its usability in aiding the proof of more complex data sturctures and systems, scaling up to thousands of lines of proof code.

I am also interested in designing specifications for weak memory data sturctures, especially for ones that does not have a clear sequential specification.



  • (2024) M.S. in Computer Science. KAIST (expected).

  • (2022) B.S. in Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science. KAIST.